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Current job

I'm working at getpaid as a software engineer. My work is focused on .NET backend services and on setting up our Azure infrastructure. I use daily several Azure products such us CosmosDb, Service Bus, Blob Storage and AKS.


I have a "Laurea Specialistica in Matematica" which corresponds to a Master's Degree in Math. I also did a couple of years of a PHD course in Math but I found out it was not the right career path for me. However I was able to land a couple of publications in Numerical Analysis. Learning is one of my strongest skills, one which I constantly train.

Job History

I started my coding career in React Consulting in 2013 where I learnt on the job C# and .NET. I did have a previous exposure to coding mostly in C and Octave/Matlab due to my studies but no experience in web development or database or other more work/business oriented technologies. I worked there for 5 years and I had the opportunity to work in several industries such as sports, telco and energy and with companies of very different size from small to enterprise. During that five years I transitioned from trainee to lead developer, doing analysis and design on my own, training new hires and working as "fixer" for derailed projects. I worked with SharePoint and CRM Dynamics onprem and online and, in case you're wondering, I won't do it again.

In 2018 I joined SG Digital a global betting company where I worked on a B2B software to be used for the italian gambling sector, I was in charge of developing a "proxy" API to enable the communication between game providers and gambling operators and a back office web application required by the italian law to join the gambling market. It was a nice year I had the opportunity to work with people from all over the world. Sadly after the applications were done, my work mostly consisted to support client in using our API and following the "certification path" for the gambling games and operators over and over again.

In 2020 I started working for Insoore as a lead developer in the backend team. We developed several web applications for internal and external use, API for our mobile apps and API for our partners. We were using Service Fabric for hosting and deploying our services and a bunch of other cools techs such as CosmoDB, Azure Blob Storage, Azure Service Bus.

Tech Stack

I'm a very good and experienced .NET developer. I developed with the full framework and with .NET Core, mostly on web application. I have a working knowledge of SQL both on prem and on Azure, I can use javascript and typescript. I also have a couple of years of experience with Azure cloud services such as web apps, Service Fabric, application insights, CosmoDB, azure service bus. Today I develop mostly on the backend but I know how to work with frontend techs. In my spare time I like to learn about interpreters and compilers (my Github profile is a proof!).