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· 4 min read

What problems does DI solve? I really like what wikipedia says

The intent behind dependency injection is to achieve separation of concerns of construction and use of objects.

If class A needs to use class B, it does not need to create an instance of it. This will give A too much responsibility since beside its actual requirements it has to manage the lifetime of the instance of B.

· 5 min read

LLVM Kaleidoscope .NET

If you're reading and learning about compilers in these days you will at some point find something about LLVM. I did and I tried to implement the Kaleidoscope tutorial from the official documentation using C#. I won't write a full blown tutorial and in the end I didn't actually follow the official tutorial as it was pretty hard for me to read C++ code.

· 11 min read


As a software developer I work, most of the times, on LOB applications that support some kind of process or workflow for a specific company. That means that there are some entities, such as customers, orders or support tickets, and that they evolve during the lifecycle of the application. For example we could have a CRM with a lead entity that evolves into a customer or we could track the state of a ticket: open -> analysis -> work -> deploy.

· 9 min read

Parsing polynomials with F# and FParsec

Parsing a polynomial expression is a simple but interesting example of parsing. We need to handle operator precedence and associativity, for example * has a higher precedence than + and the exponentiation is right associative x^y^z=x^(y^z) while subtraction is left associative x-y-z=(x-y)-z. Moreover a straighforward definition of the grammar is left recursive and a recursive descent parser does not allow to parse such grammar. We need to arrange our grammar in order to avoid the left recursion.

· 4 min read


Using a Pratt parser I aim to parse expressions like this x^2+y^2-1, x=1, y=1 and xy, x=2, y=3. Parsing mathematical expressions it's not hard but it already contains some interesting behaviour such as associativity between operators x+y*z is equal to x+(y*z) and not (x+y)*z. For no particular reason I decided to put the variable assignments after the polynomial. The expression x^2+y^2-1, x=1, y=1 is to be interpreted as you would with this pseudo code

· 5 min read


A few years back I was playing with Antlr to build a polynomial evaluator. The result was working but not very sofisticated o particularly good, just a minimal working example. In these days of quarantine in Italy, I decided to get back a that project and try to make something better. The final result can be found at this repo.

· 5 min read

2021-09-29 I added an example on how to use ROP in an ASP.NET Core project here

A few days back I was reading about Railway oriented programming (ROP) on the awesome fsharpforfunandprofit website. Scott Wlaschin (SW) describe a functional approach to error handling not regarding only exceptions but in general how to handle deviations from the happy path. I really liked his approach and I tried to translate the F# code to C# and in this post I'll briefly recap what I've learned.

· 4 min read

We will talk about tagged union types, how to implement them in C# and how to use them effectively in modeling our domain. Tagged union types will improve your code expressiveness and ability to model all kinds of software domains. They have been extensively used in functional languages, F# itself support out of the box tagged union types under the name "discriminated unions".

· 3 min read

More than a year ago I built my very first Visual Studio extension and published it on the Visual Studio Marketplace. I was working on a web service that passed around a lot of data and in order to log input and output of the endpoints whenever needed I often wrote code like this

· 2 min read

Today I tried flux and the dart language from Google, it was easy and fast, I was able to develop a simple app with material UI in a couple of hours. The app fetch informations about bus waiting time using the bus stop id from Rome transportation operator ATAC. There is no API for that so the app just fetch the web page and parse it to retrieve the informations.