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· 6 min read

Azure BYOCNI configuration allows the use of cilium as CNI, in addition it is possible to configure cilium service mesh.

Cilium service mesh has several functionalities such as ingress controller, gateway api, mtls etc... my objective here is to use k8s gateway api. In order to enable cilium service mesh we have to replace kube-proxy with cilium itself, to do so we need to enable the kube proxy configuration feature on aks, which is currently in preview.

Cilium supports gateway api v1 from version 1.15, which is the one that I'm installing today. In particular I will install gateway api v1 experimental channel. This will allow to configure the underlying infrastructure (an azure load balancer) if needed.

· 8 min read

Setting up sops with flux and workload identity on AKS is not a complex procedure however there is a lack of proper documentation for some steps.

I was working on setting this up on Azure Kubernetes Service and getting stuck at the point where I had to actually decrypt a secret from a sample deployment.

The key point to understand is that the application responsible for decrypting the secrets is the kustomize-controller. We aim then to have a managed identity assigned to the service-account of the kustomize-controller deployed by flux and to enable workload identity on both the service account and the pods. This requires some azure specific labels and annotations to be added to the k8s resources.

I aim to provide a recap on how to deploy all of this with links to the relevant documentation and add the sample yaml needed to assign and use the identity.