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· 5 min read

2021-09-29 I added an example on how to use ROP in an ASP.NET Core project here

A few days back I was reading about Railway oriented programming (ROP) on the awesome fsharpforfunandprofit website. Scott Wlaschin (SW) describe a functional approach to error handling not regarding only exceptions but in general how to handle deviations from the happy path. I really liked his approach and I tried to translate the F# code to C# and in this post I'll briefly recap what I've learned.

· 5 min read


Update April 2020, hey! I updated this article and the corresponding repo check it out here

In the last couple of months I've been reading and studying about compilers and languages and for everyone doing something like that it's very easy to meet Antlr at a certain point. What is antlr?