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· 8 min read

Today I experimented with the DigitalOcean Cloud and the aspnet core deploy on a linux server. Specifically I wanted to deploy a sample .net core web app on a CentOS 7 server using nginx as a web server. I have no experience in managing a linux server or using nginx or deploying aspnet core to linux in general, however I do have some experience with the bash and the linux environment.

· One min read

Sample log4net config nuget packages

Everytime I install the log4net nuget package I have to lookup, on the internet or on my other project, how to modify the app.config or the web.config in order to make log4net work.

I decided to create a few nuget packages with sample configs and a small readme in order to easily configure log4net. It took some trial & error but I managed to create a couple of them. The source for the packages in at log4net-config repository.

In order to build the package just run "nuget pack" in the folder with the *.nuspec file.


· 5 min read


Update April 2020, hey! I updated this article and the corresponding repo check it out here

In the last couple of months I've been reading and studying about compilers and languages and for everyone doing something like that it's very easy to meet Antlr at a certain point. What is antlr?

· One min read

Hello! I'm Davide

Welcome! Here I'll be posting about my work on C# and .NET in general. If you find anything interesting or wrong please drop me a few lines, any feedback is appreciated.